Thus is where we have reviews of products that are designed or advertised to help you overcome your driving anxiety. Some are great, some are lousy, so check out what we thought BEFORE you buy.

Feel free to click the links to the programs and check them out and to tell us what YOU thought of any programs you tried.

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The Driving Fear Program

Here at we’re huge fans of this program because quite simply, it eclipses every other program available for specialization, value, support, and authority . Designed by Rich Presta (who operates this website as well so maybe we’re a little biased!) after conquering his own fear of driving, it’s available as either a downloadable e-book, audiobook, or printed and CD course. Both courses are identical, we have only reviewed the e-book for simplicity. Its’ author is one of the pioneers in the treatment of driving phobia, and likely the most respected authority on the topic today.

The program consists of a series of exercises and information to help you understand and defeat your fear, which are primarily based in CBT and NLP. Many of the techniques used in the program that we found most beneficial we have not been able to find anywhere else. The program also offers support to its’ clients, so if you have any questions or problems along the way, you can rest assured that you’ll have someone knowledgeable to turn to.

The program boats incredible audio testimonials from their home page, along with support and accolades from Clinical Psychologists and other professionals in the industry. It is also used in clinical settings.

A 100% money back guarantee is offered with the purchase of the program, which makes trying it a no-brainer to us.

There are usually bonuses offered with the program as well, which we’ve always found to be of high quality and great companions to the program itself. Most recently, an audio bonus was added consisting of the author conducting a series of interviews with professionals and industry leaders about the fear of driving and their respective areas of expertise including hypnosis, biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more.

The only negative we’ve found with the program is that we’d love to have the audio version available on CD’s, but I guess we could always burn the mp3′s to disk if we really wanted. I have them on my iPod and it works really well.

The program is $67.00, which considering the support, bonuses, and guarantee, is an incredible value. They also use the most trusted third party payment processor to handle their transactions, which is a secure way to accept payments so you don’t need to be concerned about the safety of buying online.

To learn more about the program, click the link below:

Click to Learn More About the Driving Fear Program

Fearless Driving

Offered as either a digital product or shipped to your home, a well intentioned but very basic program. On the plus side it addressed the fear of driving specifically. It’s designed on a six step process of understanding your fear, controlling your stress response, combating negative thoughts, building a personal program, etc. Nothing we found was particularly unique and all of it was covered in the Driving Fear Program as well.

Their site experiences very frequent technical issues and at the time of this review we were unable to access the pricing information for the program or add the program to their shopping cart, which leaves us concerned about trusting their order processing with our credit card information.

Panic Away

A program by Joe Barry, it is not designed specifically for the fear of driving, but includes a chapter on driving anxiety. A quick read with a lot of fluff, it contains some nuggets of value, but again, none that aren’t also in the Driving Fear program, although there was some information that was good. Their One Move technique that their program is centered on is something we’ve seen in a few different program in slightly different variations, but an important and valuable exercise nonetheless. We’ve found their support to be lacking, and they offered no bonuses. They do offer a guarantee, which is good. It costs $67, which is a fair price if the program was better. Not a terrible choice, but not great either.

Hypnosis Downloads

Another site offering help for everything from the fear of snakes or talking on the phone to the fear of birds. They do offer a guarantee, and their download is only $12.95 which is the only plus since they don’t waste a LOT of your money like…

Change That’s Right Now

One of many “kitchen sink” sites that claim to be able to cure virtually any phobia from ablutophobia to zoophobia. In our opinion there’s an HUGE difference in the treatment approach needed for someone with a fear of bathing than the fear of driving. They also claim to have a program for acerophobia (fear of sourness), in addition to 1300 others!

They offer a variety of options, each increasingly expensive. They range from $147 to close to $2500!

Payments are secure, as they should be when you’re dealing with the equivalent of a down payment on a new car.

Not recommended in any form.

The Linden Method

Ranging in price from $109 to $177, this is basically an e-book with very little value (mostly his personal story of addiction). and a series of brief audios (some less than 6 minutes) that are very poorly done and consist of the author reiterating the very basic concepts of his program and some “relaxation” music, which could be found anywhere for free, if not minimal expense.

We’ve heard, and experienced ourselves, horror stories of trying to return the product. They offer a 1 year guarantee, but make it so difficult to adhere to the terms of the return, most are likely unsuccessful in taking advantage of it. It took us many International phone calls and unanswered emails to finally get our money back, close to 2 months.

The program does not address the fear of driving itself to any worthwhile degree and is included here only because of the unfortunate stories we’ve heard. You can take this more as a warning than a review.